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Connect your Shopify Business to Logicbroker

Jul 22, 2019 1:46:53 PM / by Tyler Crouse

Starting an online business from scratch (let alone making a profit from this business) can seem like an impossible uphill battle. Even with the power and resources of Shopify to get your business off the ground, finding the right suppliers or something as fundamental as warehouse space for your products can be a daunting task without the proper resources in your corner. 

shopify_glyphShopify has made the eCommerce process for online stores and merchants a painless and easy process for over 800,000 businesses. Their business tools cater to the marketplace masses, with the ability to start a business, sell your products, and market your business to potential customers. By completing a marriage between Shopify and the Logicbroker platform, users can enjoy a great combination of drop ship automation and eCommerce marketplace setup.

Let's circle back to the scenario in the beginning. Imagine that this business you started focuses on indoor furniture for your home. While certain items, like the homemade lamps and pillows you sell, are relatively small and can be easily shipped and stored, some items, like custom couches and tables, may be more cumbersome to handle. By adding in a connection like Logicbroker, you are connected to hundreds of suppliers and a drop ship network that can save you thousands in warehousing costs. 

Integrating Logicbroker to your current Shopify setup can be set up in mere minutes. Check out our article here to the complete process.


Tyler Crouse

Written by Tyler Crouse

As Marketing Coordinator, Tyler specializes in amplifying the Logicbroker brand through product marketing for new connections and integrations. His background includes running multi-million Google and Bing Ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and a sales background of selling millions in SEM and SEO services to one of the largest insurance companies in the country. In his free time, Tyler enjoys watching football on Sundays, craft beer, and playing golf when the weather warms up!