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Plug Into Salesforce Commerce Cloud With Logicbroker: Here's How.

Jun 3, 2019 11:15:00 AM / by Tyler Crouse


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Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefronts can easily unlock expanded assortment with the power of Logicbroker's LINK cartridge. Quickly connect to drop ship suppliers, 3PLs, and warehouses to easily send and receive orders, tracking information, acknowledgments, and inventory. By incorporating the Logicbroker platform into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment, you can easily update tracking numbers and acknowledgements in the form of order notes, import inventory quantity updates, and downloadable template for creating a matching file.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud updates to Logicbroker platformOne of the main features of the cartridge connection between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Logicbroker allows users to easily view their inventory updates on the products they sell. By searching your product's SKU in the Logicbroker portal, users can view and update inventory data in the Commerce Cloud cartridge. By coupling this feature with the ability to view and export orders directly into the Logicbroker Platform, cartridge users are able to experience a more robust and automated drop ship process. For current Logicbroker users, simply contact us or visit out cartridge page in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Marketplace to get this connection up and running.

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Tyler Crouse

Written by Tyler Crouse

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