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Make Your Invoicing Simpler with Logicbroker

Oct 8, 2019 9:15:00 AM / by Tyler Crouse

The Logicbroker team is always working to help automate the EDI and drop ship process. For users who send and receive EDI 820 documents, Logicbroker now makes makes it easier to decipher EDI 820 mapping fields to make your invoicing process simpler.

Traditionally, invoices are sent to trading partners for approval. With our latest release to the Logicbroker Portal, users will now be able to view EDI 820 notifications that are sent to trading partners. 

EDI 820 in the Logicbroker Portal

The photo above shows a supplier's EDI 820 in the Logicbroker portal. From here, users can review line items like SKU, Partner PO, and Adjustment.

EDI 820 Exporting | LogicbrokerThe Logicbroker portal also enables users to create custom profiles to help automate the export process. Through the process, depicted in the photo on the left, a profile can be created to ensure that every EDI 820 notification is exported in uniform fashion. By doing so, this allows users to save time by standardizing the invoice process, while cutting down on manual data entry.

To learn more about how users can take advantage of sending and receiving EDI 820 notifications from the Logicbroker portal, feel free to contact us.


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Tyler Crouse

Written by Tyler Crouse

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