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Introducing Logicbroker ShipSense

Jun 10, 2019 2:25:59 PM / by Tyler Crouse

Ship Sense

For over a decade, Logicbroker has quickly become one of the driving forces behind the advancement of EDI and drop ship software. Now, Logicbroker is expanding their software repertoire with the addition of ShipSense. Check out our webinar for a closer look at our ShipSense integration.

In short, ShipSense is a proprietary algorithm that determines the most cost effective shipping method for delivering your products to your customers by linking your USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other carrier accounts to the Logicbroker portal. ShipSense follows one of the key principles of Logicbroker: automation. By letting the Logicbroker portal automatically choose the most cost-effective shipping method, ShipSense users are not only saving money, but thousands of hours in research find the best carrier for each shipment.

ShipSense Under the Hood

Part of what also makes ShipSense unique in the EDI and drop ship industry is that this is a one-stop shop for determining carrier costs; no more wrestling with multiple carrier accounts across different parts of your current platform integration. With the help of Convey's API, Logicbroker not only automates the shipping process from start to finish, but also does so in a clean and concise manner. Find out more about Logicbroker's integration with Convey here.

When looking at an order that utilizes Convey, you'll see an extra layer of info (see photo). This tracking information is created automatically in the Logicbroker platform, and thanks to ShipSense, your carrier is automatically chosen and included in your Bill of Lading.


Getting Set Up With Ship Senseship1

The ShipSense initiation process is extremely easy to integrate into your Logicbroker portal. By reaching out to our support team, you'll be connected to the ShipSense System with your own unique key, allowing you to connect your carrier accounts.

With the automation prowess of Logicbroker, users can benefit from a simple, but powerful program built to ensure that you're not wasting time and money on shipping logistics while making sure your customers get your products on time.



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Tyler Crouse

Written by Tyler Crouse

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