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Logicbroker Release Notes | Summer 2019

Jul 22, 2019 11:45:00 AM / by Tyler Crouse


Following our Summer Release Notes Webinar, below is a recap of some of the more prominent updates to the Logicbroker portal.

Summer Release Notes:

Default Terms

  • Remit to Address
    • Put in default remittance address, but can also individually edit address for each trading partner
  • Payment Terms
    • A new option to update default payment terms (Net Days Due, Net Discount Days Due, Discount Percentage). The payment terms update also allows users to set up a separate payment term for each trading partner
  • Address Code updates

Advanced Export and Search Updates

  • Sender Receiver Dropdowns
    • New dropdown in the "Advanced Export" page allows user to select a "Sender" or "Receiver" field and populate a list of your partners, instead of having to manually enter your partner's Company ID.
  • Export Return documents through "Advanced Export" page
  • Bulk Retry from Search Page
    • New process that allows portal users to select and retry multiple failed documents

Connector Updates:

  • New Connector: NetSuite
    • Automatically transfer NetSuite data into the Logicbroker platform with less manual data entry
  • Cancellations for ShipStation
    • ShipStation users now have the ability to send their cancellations to their sales fulfillment channels 
  • Shopify Supplier Flow
    • Portal users now have the ability to receive orders into Shopify
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector
    • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Users can now easily connect to drop ship suppliers, warehouses, and 3PLs with the help of Logicbroker.


  • Self-service fix of mismatched SKU errors
  • Suppliers now only see shipping methods used by merchants
  • Shipping/return label creation to automate return orders
  • Create documents for return orders
    • New statutes for return were also created:
      • 400 - Under review
      • 450 - Reviewed-Processes to Receiver
      • 440 - Response Received 
  • Ability to retrieve exported product feeds using API
  • Support exporting product feeds as EDI 832 files
  • eBay configuration in the Logicbroker portal
  • Allow exporting returns from the advanced export page


Tyler Crouse

Written by Tyler Crouse

As Marketing Coordinator, Tyler specializes in amplifying the Logicbroker brand through product marketing for new connections and integrations. His background includes running multi-million Google and Bing Ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and a sales background of selling millions in SEM and SEO services to one of the largest insurance companies in the country. In his free time, Tyler enjoys watching football on Sundays, craft beer, and playing golf when the weather warms up!