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Nordstrom EDI Integration

Feb 16, 2018 5:10:38 PM / by Jeff Keltz

Interested in becoming a supplier for Nordstrom? EDI integrations can take a lot of time, but fortunately Logicbroker has already certified Nordstrom’s drop ship and replenishment programs. What does that mean? It means that Logicbroker has successfully mapped the Nordstrom EDI specifications, and simply connecting to Logicbroker is all that is needed to begin trading EDI documents in their spec.

Getting Started:

Nordstrom uses two different EDI providers. Nordstrom Replenishment uses GXS as an EDI provider, and (drop ship) uses DSCO. To start an integration for either of these divisions, you will need to reach out to GXS or DSCO. From there, they will assign you an internal company identifier. Please make sure you also provide your account rep from Logicbroker access to the GXS Compliance Link platform and access to the DSCO portal

Step 1: Reach out to the Nordstrom Division you wish to begin trading with and let them know you want to trade EDI documents with them. You will then receive access to the necessary EDI portals

Step 2: Reach out to Logicbroker. Let us know you are looking to leverage our platform to integrate with Nordstrom. Once setup with us, or if you already are, you will be assigned a representative.

Step 3: Provide an account to the Compliance Link portal or DSCO portal for your Logicbroker rep.

Step 4: Logicbroker will handle establishing the EDI connection to Nordstrom, as well as testing.

Communication Method

Logicbroker supports the following communication methods:

  • SFTP
  • AS2
  • VAN (Value Added Network)*

*SFTP and AS2 are the preferred communication methods

Nordstrom Replenishment/GXS Communication

GXS supports only VAN communication. Please note there is also a testing fee associated with each round of testing for VAN customers looking to connect to GXS (Drop Ship)/DSCO Communication

DSCO uses AS2 to communicate with trading partners. Logicbroker has a pre-established connection with DSCO that requires no additional configuration.

Logicbroker will set you up in both a staging ( and production environment ( Our staging portal can be used to keep track of progress during testing

EDI Documents (drop ship) requires the following EDI documents:

  • 850 (Purchase Order)
  • 856 (Advance Shipment Notice)
  • 810 (Invoice)
  • 846 (Inventory)
  • 870 (Order Status Report)
  • Packing Slip

Nordstrom Replenishment (GXS) requires the following EDI documents:

  • 850 (Purchase Order)
  • 855 (PO Acknowledgment)
  • 856 (Advance Shipment Notice)
  • 810 (Invoice)
  • 820 (Payment Order/Remittance)
  • 852 (Product Activity Data)
  • 860 (PO Change)
  • GS1 128 (UCC 128) Shipping Label

Logicbroker supports full automation of the purchase order, ASN, invoice, inventory, and also allows you to easily download the Nordstrom branded packing slip, as well as the GS1 shipping label. If needed, Logicbroker can use your provided data to populate the packing slip or GS1 Label, as well as download it in a variety of different formats (pdf, jpeg, zebra, etc.)

What next?

You may have noticed that all you need to do is tell Logicbroker you want to trade with Nordstrom and send us the needed shipment, invoice, and inventory docs. That is all that is required!

Logicbroker coordinates directly with you and Nordstrom to complete the testing scenarios. Once complete, you are ready to go live and are officially within the Nordstrom EDI partner network.

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