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What is an EDI 820?

Feb 17, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Becca McCarthy

What is an EDI 820?


An EDI 820 is an electronic document that trading partners use to share payment or order remittance advice. Typically, an EDI 820 is issued by a buyer after the receipt of an invoice (EDI 810).You can use an EDI 820 to communicate electronically with trading partner’s payment/order information such as:

  • Payer/Payee identification
  • Invoice numbers
  • Bank and account identification
  • Invoice adjustments
  • Billed/Paid amounts

EDI 820 Format

edi 820

EDI 820s enable businesses to streamline the supply chain by eliminating the need to receive remittances via fax or email and manually re-key the information into different systems. The automation also keeps the cost of business down as a whole because it frees up resources and reduces human error.

How do I send/receive an EDI 820?

It is fairly easy for a system to send/receive EDI 820s. For the most part, the transmitting is done through the Internet or Value Added Network (VAN). To keep EDI costs affordable, today most EDI transmission is done through the internet using AS2 or secure FTP, eliminating the need for an expensive VAN. The file is kept secure using encryption to keep the data safe.

Translating the EDI 820

Once an EDI 820 document has been received, it must be translated into a functional format for your system. Many organizations have their own standard set of definitions for EDI 820s and companies use a platform like logicbroker to configure and translate these different documents. Once the EDI 820 is translated, the order information can be synced to your internal system of record such as an ERP – eliminating the need for manual data entry. Once the information exists in your systems, you can quickly process the order.

The Logicbroker team is always working to help automate the EDI and drop ship process. For users who send and receive EDI 820 documents, Logicbroker now makes makes it easier to decipher EDI 820 mapping fields to make your invoicing process simpler. Learn how to make your invoicing simpler with Logicbroker in our blog post

To learn more, please contact us for more information.

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