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Rock the 2014 Holiday Season with EDI Automation

Aug 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM / by Becca McCarthy

To most people, the start of August signals the end of summer. To those in retail, the start of August signals that it is time to start prepping for the holidays. A good way to start the holiday preparation is to look back and reflect on last year’s holiday rush—where did you succeed and where was there room for improvement? Forrester estimates that 2014 total eCommerce sales will be $294 billion and a 15.5% growth. If you thought you were busy last year, it is likely you’ll be even busier this year. If processing more orders in less time and eliminating the need for manual data entry sounds like your ideal fix, implementing EDI automation is key.

With end-to-end EDI integrations you can connect with your trading partners and your internal systems. This means that retailers can send purchase orders automatically once an order is placed and suppliers, in return, can send back purchase order acknowledgements, advance shipment notices, and invoices that would flow directly back into the retailers ERP, OMS, or accounting package. Because these EDI versions of these documents are generated based on status changes, they will send automatically with no need for manual touches. Rather than having to email, call, or fax trading partners to update them on the process, everything is automated. As more orders flow in for the holiday season, you cannot afford to have your team members tied up. By implementing EDI rather than notifying trading partners, your team members can focus on customer service, marketing, and more to guarantee you’ll have your best holiday season to date.

Typically, EDI integrations take four to six weeks. If you are looking to be automated before the holiday orders start rushing in, you will want to start the process now. If you are interested in seeing a demo of Logicbroker’s EDI integration hub or would just like some more information please contact us.

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Becca McCarthy

Written by Becca McCarthy

Becca has a passion for brands and analytics. She brings expertise from working with Fortune 1000 brands and helping them sell directly to consumers online. An avid online shopper, Becca is thrilled to be a part of Logicbroker and help clients provide a better shopping experience for their consumers. As the Director of Marketing at Logicbroker, Becca focuses on building out the Logicbroker brand, strategic partnerships, and bringing customer success stories to light while keeping a pulse on industry trends and best practices. Becca holds a BA in Communications and English from the University of Connecticut. Outside of work, Becca enjoys cooking, Jeopardy!, and spending time at home with her husband and their two dogs, Zulu and Luna.