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Magento Drop Ship

Jul 21, 2014 12:00:00 AM / by Becca McCarthy

Magento merchants have a solution for drop ship automation. With EDI, you can automate the process of drop shipping with your vendors and experience benefits including receiving orders in one format, having accurate inventory levels, and more. Let’s learn more about the automated Magento drop ship process.

Magento merchants who are drop shipping have the ability to open up an endless aisle of virtual inventory by connecting with multiple vendors. With EDI 832 documents, or product catalog price files, product pieces and information can be easily uploaded to their Magento store. Inventory levels are kept accurate and up to date with EDI 846 documents (product inventory). With EDI, drop ship suppliers are integrated directly with their retailer. When sending 832s, 846s, and 810s (invoices) and receiving 850s (purchase orders) the documents flow faster than email, fax, or phone calls. The efficiency and speed of EDI transactions has made it a popular choice. Odds are most vendors will be EDI compliant anyways, allowing you to receive orders in just one format.

When both parties elect to have an EDI integration to their ERP or OMS, EDI procurement documents will show up in the system automatically. This removes the need for human involvement and manual data entry. Rather than having employees rekey order information, they can focus on other aspects of business to make their company more efficient—leading to quicker order fulfillment, more sales, and better customer service.

Choosing to integrate your Magento store with EDI enables automation and scalability and Magento drop ship automation. An EDI platform, like logicbroker, will rapidly onboard trading partners and with end-to-end EDI integrations, manual touches are eliminated from order fulfillment and the entire process is expedited. Drop ship retailers have an endless aisle on their Magento site to offer their customers without the need to hold inventory.

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Becca McCarthy

Written by Becca McCarthy

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