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EDI and Integration for Microsoft GP

Mar 17, 2014 12:00:00 AM / by Becca McCarthy

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers its users complete control over finances, resources, and decision-defining information. The flexibility offered by GP gphas been a key factor for many mid-level businesses to implement it. With the latest GP, businesses can leverage the advantages of the cloud-based version of this powerful ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an efficient platform to act as a hub for many of your business processes. But if you rely on other systems in your supply chain to support your business, there is a need to have these systems communicate with one another.  Without seamless communication, many companies are forced to manually upload data by re-keying the information into Microsoft Dynamics GP – a process that is both time consuming and costly. Despite its inefficiency, companies cannot afford to stop these manual processes because it is vital to their supply chain. By electing to implement an EDI solution, these manual processes become automated.

EDI is short for electronic data interchange and allows computer systems to exchange documents and information between one another.  Retailers that are using Microsoft GP find EDI beneficial because it can eliminate the headache of manually uploading order information from shopping carts such as Magento or Nexternal, and transmitting PO (Purchase Order 850) to their warehouse or suppliers. EDI opens up opportunities such as automated drop shipping and omni-channel retailing. By having this process automated, retailers can process orders quicker and free up resources that were previously spending time manually fulfilling orders.

EDI connects suppliers directly to their trading partners and allows them to receive orders in one format rather than through faxes, emails, or phone calls. This also enables suppliers to automate the process of sending back any ASN (Advance Shipment Notice EDI 856), PO Ack (Purchase Order Acknowledgement, EDI 855) and Invoices (EDI 810). Receiving orders via EDI is much quicker than through other formats, enabling suppliers to fulfill orders at a faster pace and thus handle a higher order volume. Suppliers who engage in drop shipping find EDI useful, as communication is simplified and shipping errors are eliminated.

While it seems like a simple process, if you want to leverage EDI to its fullest capabilities you will need a hub that can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and the powerful systems you rely on to power your business. A platform like logicbroker enables both EDI and end-to-end integrations to trading partners and internal systems (shopping cart).  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the logicbroker team has experience in finding the right end-to-end EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and your supply chain. If you are interested in implementing an EDI solution for your business, contact us for more information.

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Becca McCarthy

Written by Becca McCarthy

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