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EDI Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mar 15, 2013 12:00:00 AM / by Craig Regan

Did you know that Microsoft acquired the Great Plains Software in 2001? Since, then now called Microsoft Dynamics GP, it has become the premier ERP system for many mid-level businesses. It allows organizations to have one central program to handle financials, order management, sales and much more. This flexibility has been the key driver for many mid-level businesses to turn to Microsoft Dynamics GP. With the latest MS Dynamics GP 2013 now businesses can even take advantage of the cloud-based solution for this powerful ERP.

As a central hub for your business process, Microsoft Dynamics GP is very efficient and effective. But, what if you rely on other systems in your supply chain to support your business? Well, we have found many companies are forced to manually upload data, from these systems, by re-keying the information into Microsoft Dynamics GP – a process that is time consuming and costly. Although inefficient, companies cannot abandon the process because it is important to their supply chain and it is critical the information in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could sync the information directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Well, today many companies are turning to EDI to help solve this problem. EDI is short for electronic data interchange and it allows computer systems to exchange documents and information between each other.  How can EDI help you? Well, if you are retailer using Microsoft GP it can eliminate the headache of manually uploading order information from shopping carts such as Magento, Volusion, Nexternal, or your custom built website and transmitting PO (Purchase Order 850) to your warehouse or suppliers. EDI opens up new opportunities including drop shipping and omni-channel retailing. By having this automated, it will allow you to process orders quicker and free up resources that were previously spending time fulfilling orders.  For suppliers, it can allow you to directly connect with your trading partners to eliminate the head ache of receiving purchase orders via faxes, emails, or phone calls. This will allow you to automate the process of sending back any ASN (Advance Shipment Notice EDI 856), PO Ack (Purchase Order Acknowledgement, EDI 855) and Invoices (EDI 810).

It seems easy but if you want to leverage EDI to its fullest capabilities, you need a hub that can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP and all your internal systems, like logicbroker.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have experience in finding the right end-to-end EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and your supply chain. If you think EDI can help your business, please reach out to one of our specialist so they can provide you with more information. Also, check back with us for more blogs and don’t forget to follow us on twitter for daily updates.

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Craig Regan

Written by Craig Regan

Craig is an experienced sales professional with a passion for digital commerce and supply chain. He’s had roles at RF-SMART, a WMS for NetSuite, and is currently the Director of Sales at Logicbroker. His experience with warehouse management systems and EDI allows him to solve the unique customer needs when it comes to competing in the fast-paced world of digital commerce. Craig graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. In addition to working at Logicbroker, Craig enjoys watching soccer, cooking, and listening to podcasts.