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Embracing the Cloud: What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Nov 19, 2012 12:00:00 AM / by Craig Regan

Although our integration solution, logicbroker, integrates with just about any ERP system available, we highly recommend Dynamics GP because it connects the many moving parts of your organization, giving you better visibility into and control over what’s going on in your business. logicbroker is a cloud-based integration hub enabling the automated exchange of inventory, catalog and order information by connecting GP with your vendors, online shopping carts, and marketplaces. Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) software delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality, from operations management and financial management to human resource management and manufacturing.

With over 50,000 users worldwide, GP is a proven ERP system with a solid track record of success… But what’s new for 2013?

One of the main new features that we are most excited about is the robust new web client. The web client will prove especially valuable to organizations that have multiple locations or to users that need to access GP remotely. Users can login using their browser of choice including IE, Chrome and Firefox. The user interface for GP maintains the look and feel of Outlook, and easily integrates with programs like Word and Excel.  This makes GP and excellent choice for companies looking to streamline the migration process and fast track implementation.

Dynamics GP is in the cloud with the web client serving as a window to all of the process heavy lifting, which resides on the server or host. Remote access to Dynamics GP is now possible without requiring users to access a terminal server or login through VPN. The time taken to deploy the solution is reduced, because no application software will need to be installed on individual user’s computers.  More significantly however, many customers will see a web browser as a more appropriate way to extend the reach of the application to many of the people within their business.

Download the full list of new features and enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics 2013

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Craig Regan

Written by Craig Regan

Craig is an experienced sales professional with a passion for digital commerce and supply chain. He’s had roles at RF-SMART, a WMS for NetSuite, and is currently the Director of Sales at Logicbroker. His experience with warehouse management systems and EDI allows him to solve the unique customer needs when it comes to competing in the fast-paced world of digital commerce. Craig graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. In addition to working at Logicbroker, Craig enjoys watching soccer, cooking, and listening to podcasts.