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Drop-ship Solution Using MS Dynamics GP

Aug 19, 2012 12:00:00 AM / by George Heudorfer

If you are either using MS Dynamics GP or thinking about implementing it as your ERP system, you know you have selected a robust ERP platform with close to 50,000 customers using it today.
The next step is deciding if you want to drop-ship your customer orders to your suppliers to take advantage of the benefits. You know the advantage of drop-ship capabilities: no inventory carrying cost, access to hundreds of thousands of products, the ability to fill any order and ship to anywhere, and the most important benefit: continuing to provide the highest level of customer service. You can definitely use GP to do drop-ship. You simply create a drop-ship purchase order for each sales order using the sales order processing functionalities of GP.
The challenge with this approach is that you have to process each order manually. If you are processing more than a few orders a day, it can quickly get pretty cumbersome. One option you have is to leverage the GP programming interface eConnect. However, to leverage this powerful interface you need have resources to do the programming and understand GP sales order processing and financial structure.
Another alternative is to use products such as LogicBroker. This way you can leverage a tool that is already built on top of GP using eConnect, with robust business rules to create drop-shop purchase orders properly, send orders electronically to the right supplier, and receive shipment confirmation and invoices back electronically.
The advantage of such a solution is that you don’t have to purchase or build several software packages to integrate with GP, to manage order sourcing and drop-ship logic, or process electronic integration through EDI or other protocols. You will have one software product to handle the entire drop-ship supply chain optimization.

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George Heudorfer

Written by George Heudorfer

As Vice President, Digital Commerce, at Logicbroker, George establishes the overall strategy and delivery execution on drop ship programs for strategic clients and alliances. He oversees key members of the digital team and translates business requirements into tactical technical alignment.